HODLpac is the Nation’s first political action committee for crypto voters by crypto voters. We're building a community-governed, crypto-native political organization to represent the crypto-community’s interests in DC. Its mission is to support candidates for Congress - with its votes and our wallets - that want to see public blockchain technology and the cryptoeconomy thrive in the United States.

HODLpac came to Varfaj to consult on its product conceptualization, user experience, design, and full-stack development. A full soup to nuts build that began in Fall 2021.

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1. Craft the ideal user journeys and research the solution and infrastructure available to make this possible.

2. Design an standard-setting user interface to set HODLpac apart from its competitors.

3. Develop a full-stack solution that would allow users to donate fiat and crypto while capturing necessary information.

Fantasy Football app
Fantasy Football app


First things first, we needed to craft the desired user experience. We began by wireframing the journey on Figma. Concurrently, we researched the API’s and 3rd Party Libraries available to help us accomplish fiat and crypto payments.

Next, we designed the beautiful user interface. The goal is to craft a dope experience and get the user excited about donating to their candidate while being on the cutting edge of technology.

Finally, we needed to bring the platform to life. Using sprints, we built up the product in stages, first starting with a simple responsive web application integrating with Stripe and The Giving Block to process fiat and crypto payments. Donors could donate to the Democratic or Republican parties. These transactions were written to a cloud-based database that could be downloaded for compliance needs.

The second phase included building out a “white-labeled” page for Andrew Yang and the Forward Party. This was the first step in creating a solution to disrupt the political donation sphere.

Using our same infrastructure we created a Forward Party-branded frontend that users could donate directly to Andrew Yang. With this we created specific an admin dashboard for the Forward Party that would allow them to view donors, donations, and download the required information to share with compliance.

We also used vigorous unit and stress testing to ensure that our platform could handle the significant traffic that came from marketing to Yang’s 1.8 million followers on Twitter.

Fantasy Football app
Fantasy Football app

After building, testing, and successfully releasing the white-label solution, we embarked on the third phase of the project.

We began an ambitious implementation of Quadratic Funding algorithm to empower grassroots advocacy and give smaller donations some “Umph” behind them. With this phase, we also created the ability for donors to donate directly to a specific candidate.

We accomplished this by allowing for CSV uploads of current candidates to our database and creating a search and selector in the frontend.

With this, we put the finishing touches on a well architected, seamless, and customizable fiat and crypto donation platform to power grassroot campaigns across the country!


  • $5,000 in fiat and cryptocurrency donated in the first month of beta testing.

  • Over 1,500 successfully executed cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Donations to 43 candidates helping fund tight races in North Carolina, Minnesota, New Jersey, and more.

*Not a Big Deal*

Fantasy Football app
high download mobile app case study
high download mobile app case study
high download mobile app case study
high download mobile app case study

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high download mobile app case study

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