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beam needed ongoing Shopify development help to support their numerous marketing efforts and rapid growth.

See how we did below!


1. Investigate the high churn rate of subscription customers.

2. Drive higher conversion rates through out the site.

3. Support seasonal marketing efforts around high traffic days.

Fantasy Football app
Fantasy Football app


Our investigation lead to the conclusion that the current site was lacking in several ways, namely: poor subscription management experience, not driving high intent traffic to appropriate pages, and an inefficient codebase.

Here's how we fixed it:

  • Recharge: We revamped the subscription management process using Recharge subscriptions. Now customers could pause their subscriptions as well as modify their frequency or swap products.
  • Click Funnels: By creating campaign and product specifict landing pages, we targeted potential customers more efficiently and reduced friction in the add to cart process.
  • Shopify 2.0: Finally, we migrated the codebase to Shopify 2.0 and created templates that allowed non-technical members of the team to easily craft new landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Let's see the results!


  • Site traffic increased dramatically, making the site in the top 1% of the most visited sites among its competitors.

  • Subscription user churn decreased by 20% driving consistent, recurring revenue.

  • Using the easily replicable landing page templates, the marketing team grew traffic from social media by 59% and these customers converted at a 15% clip.

*Not too shabby*

Fantasy Football app
high download mobile app case study
high download mobile app case study
high download mobile app case study
high download mobile app case study

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